Thursday, November 23, 2006

[TECH] SPICE layout generator.......

I have been a bit of slackish this week, but sure I want to start running soon.

Last night I read about the BPlane (Binned Plane datastructure used in micromagic, I need to implement that in magic soon).

Tonight, I thought about backing up my CVS repository regularly into my external hardrive, so that I can keep all my projects safe.

SPICE Layout generator

My new project, which generates cell layout from by reading from the SPICE files (transistor netlist) directly. I need to rewrite some of the code for the algorithm which tries to find the EULER trace in the transistors graph (and also its p-stack dual graph). Its exiting for me start it today....

I'am in love with my life for the first time.......writing code is what I loved apart from all other tensions in life I love it

Tomorrow morning I'll be running for the sale in circuit city and best buy

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