Monday, August 22, 2005

Solving serious problems....

I was just reading about an article about 10 best innovators in computer science. Infoworld magazine names 6 people from solaris 10 development team as best innovators. You should emphatically read the blogs of each of these sun engineers....So coming towards problems its a really hard problem to find serious and effective problems especially in computer science. Most of the research work is essentially a cliche. Frankly speaking I always do something to get a research publication, may be I feel gingerly that I dont have enough research publications compared to my friends.
Surely this kind of attitude will not help serious problems. But I have that innate feeling that I'am not doing any challenging and substantial stuff at work, so during the last few months I adopted an attitude shift in my thought "rather than complaining about the dark try to light a candle", I took all the pain to refactor every thing except the inane attitude of the superiors around, but they seem to have an attitude similar to some examples in my last post.
I quickly realised that they were just using me to their own glorification. Surely my managers are not my ideals but try to force that thought on people that they are great role models, I just keep mum. I really feel that they could really drive innovation and conceive innovative things, rather than drinking that materialistic vine.
Maan I just feel that I should do something different.

Friday, August 19, 2005

The power of intention.

Just finished studying the book "The power of intention", really felt very inspired after reading this. Some of the authors statements had striking effect on me, statements like "Don't die with the music still left in you!!". Seemed to me a very good way to do my self talk. Other highlights in the book which was equally striking was the authors description about the ego. The author gives the following example of how people are really blinded by this ego.
1. A tiny and thin beam of sunlight suddenly thought that is was the sun...
2. A mild ripple in the middle of the ocean suddenly beleives that its the ocean...
Yes its really true on how ego can really doom a person. If you are reading this just dont be egoistic ever in your life, just relax and think about it again.