Thursday, June 30, 2005

Verminous ego stench .........

I don't know why we(including me......) inanely always do things anticipating something, yes every one anticipates for good things to happen for their course of action. But in some cases this anticipation is different , sometimes you try to flaunt in doing things as if some one watching and you actions are mended in such a way to impress people around you. Every time you write a mail , talk to people or do some thing you want to impress people around you. But I feel that you should do things naturally but not to impress any one....the root cause of all this is ego of people . I too was a victim of it but I think I have realised some thing about it and these day I listen to people and value what they say............its ok if you are a wise man and can take great decisions but you should'nt make others feel low or jeer at people at sloppiness, but every one can slowly get things accomplished and I feel that touting may not always converge to a right solution.............and sooner or the later every one will realise this.
BTW the book I'am studying this week is "If tomorrow comes" , really a good one by sheldon makes us feel how a sapped, anguish and vindictive mind with a sedative torso feels. It was a story of a dejected lover tracy withney who tries to endure with a slender hope to seek vengeance.
TGIT (Thank God Its Thursday)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fervent gaming hermit....

Hmm.....finally I have moved into this reclusive world of FPS games, had spent around 90% of this weekend time quaking.....just fragged sarge 20 - 7 in a nightmare, in a map with no railguns only rocket launchers, plasma guns and shot guns (machine guns ofcourse :)) . I like this rocket launcher (although I was succumb to the rockets launched without a lot of span between walls and myself)...I almost fragged very accurately with this rocket launcher. My dodging skills are improving with every game, I felt the best way to dodge is to hold all the three keys 'w' ,'a' and 'd' which will make you move forward and press 'space' during aim and leave the keys 'a' and 'w' while shooting, this seems to be a very useful tactic of dodging, surely you can frag a human with this dodging, there are some really good players here like 'KeYmaker' and 'Devil' they fragged me couple of times. Its really great fun when you have a bunch of bacchanalian quake freaks at work places, good that I also I have 'Geforce Go' on a LCD which makes gaming more exotic.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Don't be afraid of making mistakes.......

Yep....I was depressed last week. But I'am starting a new life now, honestly I'am concentraring on my guitar in all my solitude they(guitar skills) seem to be improving, I feel good finally I learned to play "happy birthday......" for that special occassion next month. All this inspiration came from watching "Million dollar baby" again.......Mr.Scrape's words to danger seem to show me some light...."Any one can loose one fight....." , "Sometimes to deliver a good punch is to step back...." . And also thanks to call from karun, karun called me from canada and reminded me about st.laurel street in montreal, and about the good times we had, I really felt excited to receive his call (he will be in india soon). Sometimes this kind of suprise calls make you feel happy, and you feel something more thing is I started playing cricket, people are really happy about my batting....seem's like I have'nt ever thought about my cricketing skills after a long break from club cricket during highschool...during those days I used to spend many hours to get my timing right, but was not quite getting it....but today after a long break and zero practice I'am batting like I'am in a great touch......some times when you try to work too hard on anything you don't seem to get it right (probably I'am too afraid of making mistakes during those old cricket days to get selected into the team), but when you have removed that thing of being afraid of making mistakes (because right now I dont care wether I'am in the corporate team or not) you seem to do things naturally and you get it right.......may be its a pathological example on how one should remove fear of screwing up something......... \/ /-\ /\/\ _\"" |

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Transmeta lessons.......

Really feel sorry about this high technology microprocessor designer. But I really appreciate their nerve to compute against titans like INTEL and AMD. I feel that monopoly is bad and it reduces innovation and checks conceiving new products. Transmeta's low-power combat against is definitely a dud, I feel that transmeta should have invested more in research to overcome the 'underpower citics' rather then demonstrating a mere obeisance, may be transmeta management failed to notice the infliction points the company has being going through, intel on the other hand have been leveraing on grove's pedagogy(Only the Paranoids survive) of identifying these infliction points and thus bashed transmeta. Intel was the first one today to get a dual-core chip out, amd followed later, but I don't why transmeta never thought about dual-cores. This indicates Intel's astute ability to pick up infliction points, but transmeta I feel should conceive something really creative to get back and start running.

I feel it as a small practical reminder about how one should always keep track of the infliction points, at any instance there are millions and millions of people competing with you and a slight negligence might create a infliction point with negative slope............ Think big to conceive a marvel.