Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Transmeta lessons.......

Really feel sorry about this high technology microprocessor designer. But I really appreciate their nerve to compute against titans like INTEL and AMD. I feel that monopoly is bad and it reduces innovation and checks conceiving new products. Transmeta's low-power combat against is definitely a dud, I feel that transmeta should have invested more in research to overcome the 'underpower citics' rather then demonstrating a mere obeisance, may be transmeta management failed to notice the infliction points the company has being going through, intel on the other hand have been leveraing on grove's pedagogy(Only the Paranoids survive) of identifying these infliction points and thus bashed transmeta. Intel was the first one today to get a dual-core chip out, amd followed later, but I don't why transmeta never thought about dual-cores. This indicates Intel's astute ability to pick up infliction points, but transmeta I feel should conceive something really creative to get back and start running.

I feel it as a small practical reminder about how one should always keep track of the infliction points, at any instance there are millions and millions of people competing with you and a slight negligence might create a infliction point with negative slope............ Think big to conceive a marvel.

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