Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why this vacuous discernment between senior and junior?

I still remember Dr.PJN telling during my college days...."To test a person's real character, give him immense power". Its long time I'have been blogging just wanted to write about some topcoder dynamic programming problems in this post (I had drafted it may be I'll post in my next post).
All my mood is off when I see this guy walking ostentatiously all around, with a sneer unfurling those perverse insinuations, to motrify me. I guess his vanity has reached a zenith. All this is because of the discrimination the management shows between experienced and people with little experience. They just seems to despise our ideas with a prejudice that only experienced people only can make successful things and get things working, the management seems tout excessively that they will give weight to everyones views.
Its just because they think they are really privileged , they demand obligation....I really feel these are not the ideal people, no one is a junk. I'am not writing this out of jealously that they are getting paid more and are accessible to more stuff, these are words right out of a morbid mind twarthed by such inane seniors guys working along....I just learned one thing out of it although its a hard way to learn, I will never show that attitude when I become experienced. In fact I will never become a manager, its really a job with massive sagacity not to create any internal humilation among the people working under the manager.....I strongly feel that there should'nt be any discrimination among people interms of experience.