Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Presumption is a Programming Perversity..... [Discovery of new GUMPTION TRAP]

It was few weeks back in sunnyvale working on a night when I had ran out of my gumption and was almost burnt out , sitll wanted to write code to handle (In my sourcecov project) call to function pointers via 'call *%(ebp)' instruction on amd64, I ran into a problem and made a persumption on that sleepy night.......
I cannot imagine this presumption cost me 2 valuable weeks of time, which I wasted in meeting my bullshit girlfriend who has been bugging me all the way. Suddenly today after fight with her I went back (Filled with gumption) and got time to look at the code which I had left for 2 weeks with a presumption which I made that night when I saw that the debugger (gdb) itself crashed when I tried to something tricky on that sleepy night, I lost my gumption that night and presumed that its a very big problem, I was telling my self "Come on man there should be something really nasty in the code causing the debugger to crash............huh " this presumption made me very apprehensive to touch the code for two weeks :( , I have screwed the schedule with this just a crazy apprehension.
Rather than attacking the problem, I took a conventional root of comfort bought a TV to play on the XBOX with I bought it did'nt work researched on the voltage differences between india and U.S wasted my time and also wasted......Hey this reminds the the time when pheadrus took a break from answering the basic question of QUALITY, rather he went and married and forgot about QUALITY for sometime until he started thinking about it again and the mistake he made of the Presumption that QUALITY cannot be defined and took a comfort root of the question haunting him....later on he realized how big mistake it was left his wife and went on the journey of QUALITY again.
Yes even me also with this crazy prejudice lost my QUALITY track for a while.....But "Its never too late to get back..." (My Old Slang :)) ). Today I discovered a new "GUMPTION TRAP" ---> "PRESUMPTION and APPREHENSION" , probably we should have a course "GUMPTIONOLOGY101" in our school to know about all these traps rather than discovering them ourself. The problem was very silly when I got back into my QUALITY track its just that "I have been using old instructions and accessing/writing into a virtual address of the program in optimized mode when the instructions/code came from debug executable" (May be u should send me an email to explain the problem), but in a lucid manner its a very basic problem which I overlooked, its ok as long as I discover more gumption traps like this...........One thing is never presumption is bad and also evil....its a LOW QUALITY LIFE.
So today Its the 9th revision of the file just cvs commited and wanted to save my feeling to my harddisk before I forget about it......
Take care guys.....
Its always a journey no destination, you will get of QUALITY track when you say you have reached a destination
Reminds me of a quote from prisig "When you are filled with gumption there is no one stopping you from fixing the motorcycle"
Keep going guys make it a habit and enjoy it