Friday, September 17, 2004

Its never too late to get it back..........(This is what I feel today....)

Hey guys and bi%$#@!, no one is a master and especially if you are aspiring to become one never ever feel this. I know its really involves a lot of nerve to become one, 1.have that same yearing passion for creating complex things forever, 2.always wanting to be one THE ONE. Yes I'am an amateur hacker....always wanted to be like If you are also the one with the same attitude just readon. In this I just wanted to tell about the things an aspiring hacker needs to take care during his career, never feel that you have assuaging the above things which I mentioned due to a failure, failure may not always be technical sloppiness (atleast for me), you feel that you failed even in any different situation. just remember that its never too late to get it back (ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO GET IT BACK).