Tuesday, January 30, 2007

[Tech] One more reason why MACRO's are Not Preferred over inlines.

/***Dangerouse Macro1***/
#define print_int_value_twice(c) do{\
 printf("first time %c second time %c\n",c,c);\

/***Stupid Preprocessor***/
#define my_error(c) do{\

.....macro user ....
/*j incremented twice by the preprocessor*/

/*In this case the preprocessor is stupid 
 not treat the string spanned across several lines
 as a incomplete macro argument and fails compilation.*/
my_error(" My error spans three lines

Avoid MACROS start using inlines , if you define macros the users should use them with caution

Monday, January 29, 2007

[Personal] I was not good and never have been.....

Yes! today I realize my potential, I was never good in fact never have been....I accept my failure. I'm a looser, I cannot win and never have won and in fact I'm obliged to life for letting me live and eat what ever I want and wear what ever I could....in the midst of bitter shame....I gave up...I don't want to live as a looser...I will soon end my life and this blog may be the last. I was never honest to myself I have things which I don't deserve. And I get emotional for small things...what else a looser can say except bending down head in shame.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


A Warm Welcome to a great new year 2007! This is my first blog after 24 days in the new year. Last time I had written my blog was on Dec 31, 2006, well this was the coldest new year eve I had. I just went to bed on Dec 31 night 2006. Its because I was with puppy taking care of puppy...we were really afraid on whats going to happen next....but it was great what happened next day was really a new begining in a new year things went excatly how I wanted (In fact I did'nt know what would be the best solution and just prayed "God! Please do something so that I will be comfortable after that")...a great going new year 2007 from there on, really had great time in Hyd from Jan-1 to Jan-6.....after that I took pathetic AeroSvit flight (Never Ever Take this shoddy airline) back to JFK, travelled all the way from NewYork to Hartford and took a cab to my place....its quite a tiresome journey to travel from India to U.S, next time I will travel by either BA ,Lufthansa or Emirates..... Now I need startoff my coding for the SPICE2LAYOUT project its been a while I took a break and its really a long one....Tomorrow Is a SRM from TopCoder....I was having a dilemma to use Boost Graph library or not...but I guess it will be fine if I write it on my own. Take care...keep Warm :) Cheers! Vamsi