Monday, January 29, 2007

[Personal] I was not good and never have been.....

Yes! today I realize my potential, I was never good in fact never have been....I accept my failure. I'm a looser, I cannot win and never have won and in fact I'm obliged to life for letting me live and eat what ever I want and wear what ever I the midst of bitter shame....I gave up...I don't want to live as a looser...I will soon end my life and this blog may be the last. I was never honest to myself I have things which I don't deserve. And I get emotional for small things...what else a looser can say except bending down head in shame.

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Tina said...

None of us are good at Everything. We are all failures or loosers at one time or another.We all get emotional and have never been honest to ourselves. You are not alone. Think about the many things God has given you. Feet and hands, there are many handicapped people out there. Food to eat, when many children die of hunger. A country that has no war, many are dying in Iraq. You being a computer wizard, and me being dumb-dumb where PC's are concerned!. IF you take your own life, your soul goes to the Devil (where you will be tormented for eternity). God loves you, HE loves us all. Make the best of your life, be it complicated or not. Live life one day at a time. Live a simple life and you'll enjoy life itself. Forget the past and move forward. No one is perfect. Email me if u need to talk.
God Bless.