Thursday, June 30, 2005

Verminous ego stench .........

I don't know why we(including me......) inanely always do things anticipating something, yes every one anticipates for good things to happen for their course of action. But in some cases this anticipation is different , sometimes you try to flaunt in doing things as if some one watching and you actions are mended in such a way to impress people around you. Every time you write a mail , talk to people or do some thing you want to impress people around you. But I feel that you should do things naturally but not to impress any one....the root cause of all this is ego of people . I too was a victim of it but I think I have realised some thing about it and these day I listen to people and value what they say............its ok if you are a wise man and can take great decisions but you should'nt make others feel low or jeer at people at sloppiness, but every one can slowly get things accomplished and I feel that touting may not always converge to a right solution.............and sooner or the later every one will realise this.
BTW the book I'am studying this week is "If tomorrow comes" , really a good one by sheldon makes us feel how a sapped, anguish and vindictive mind with a sedative torso feels. It was a story of a dejected lover tracy withney who tries to endure with a slender hope to seek vengeance.
TGIT (Thank God Its Thursday)

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Vinod Gupta said...

good going dude... how r u doing now n wher r u?