Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fervent gaming hermit....

Hmm.....finally I have moved into this reclusive world of FPS games, had spent around 90% of this weekend time quaking.....just fragged sarge 20 - 7 in a nightmare, in a map with no railguns only rocket launchers, plasma guns and shot guns (machine guns ofcourse :)) . I like this rocket launcher (although I was succumb to the rockets launched without a lot of span between walls and myself)...I almost fragged very accurately with this rocket launcher. My dodging skills are improving with every game, I felt the best way to dodge is to hold all the three keys 'w' ,'a' and 'd' which will make you move forward and press 'space' during aim and leave the keys 'a' and 'w' while shooting, this seems to be a very useful tactic of dodging, surely you can frag a human with this dodging, there are some really good players here like 'KeYmaker' and 'Devil' they fragged me couple of times. Its really great fun when you have a bunch of bacchanalian quake freaks at work places, good that I also I have 'Geforce Go' on a LCD which makes gaming more exotic.

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