Saturday, November 11, 2006

[TECH] Setting up VNC on LAN

Today I got my laptop dell-inspiron-640m, I have linux desktop running fedora connected to a wireless router which my friend uses, so totally we have 3 computers connected to the wireless router. Actually we have cloned the MAC address of my desktop onto the wireless router. Now I want to use my laptop and start working with vnc on my desktop. By default the port 5901 was firewalled, I had to setup the firewall to accept the tcp:5901. After which I had the probelems with the window manager, by default kde starts the twm& . So I edited the xstartup file to get the kde.

kwin & kdesktop & kicker &

You need all the three things to get the kde desktop up and running

Well thats all the infrastructure work, now I'am back to write the CHANNEL ROUTER for CGEN which I have not worked on for the last three days, due that motif-algorithm which I have been working on, last week I also had the polynomial algorithm for FINDING OUT ALL THE CUTS in the network flow graph.

Take care guys, I also had a long chat with swapna and that was really wonderful.

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