Tuesday, November 14, 2006

[TECH] Channel Router for cell synthesis......

Its quite an effort to get this thing working.....started on saturday night , worked on sunday, and monday night its done

perl had lot of kookups especially my $a,$b and my ($a,$b) are not the same, I pulled it from the manual. sometimes its really hard to fix this kind of errors, thanks for that wonderful debugger 'perl -d' , its really great to work with.

But I did'nt see if perl debugger has a backtrace kind of facility? just a gdb?

Life apart for my passion of the CGEN2MAGIC project, is quite slow need to study a lot about that Border Minimization Problem, also got the home work done on parallel algorithms and network flows.

I guess I'have started loving algorithms/problem solving...its really kewl


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