Sunday, November 26, 2006

[TECH] Building tags on the complete source code...

I see that sometimes

  $ctags -R *  
don't work. I just typed
$ctags -R *
in my cygwin it crashed
. Well now the question is how do I build the tags on the complete source recursively if
don't work, we can use the the following to build the tags

$find . -name "*.c" -exec ctags -a \{\} \; -print; sort tags > tags1; mv tags1 tags;

The -a option appends to the existing tags file build

I initially thought that ctags keeps some seek information of the file in tags file,but just was amazed its a 3 column multientry text file, the first column is the tag which you are searching, second column is the file where is tag is and the most interesting part the 3 column is the search string for vim....hmmm see every one takes advantage of the plethora of things vim can do :)

Make_bp_profile ./RNAlib/ProfileDist.c  /^PUBLIC float *Make_bp_profile(int length)$/
Make_swString   ./RNAlib/stringdist.c   /^PUBLIC swString *Make_swString(char *string)$/


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