Saturday, November 25, 2006

[TECH] Never use a file stream for lookahead reading while using lex.....

Just got the parser working....I did a lot of modification to mac's code, especially the grammar rules which have the lookahead information while parsing. The code tries to read from the

file stream of lex, but that is really pathetic because lex code is now optimize and it position in the lex buffer may not correspond to the position in the filestream...well this is what is the bug in code, well it took a while to fix. But its a good one.

I added lookahead rules

for lookahead extensions and comments in the spice syntax.

Tomorrow I'll get the layout printed ,,,,,,

Apart from this folks from india called and were telling me about the issues regarding priya pickles, well I think its really a slander against Ramoji Rao, any way I support this guy...yes may be after that great 3 day party at ramoji film city makes me baised, I guess you too will be baised once you receive that wonderful hospitality at hotel sitara in ramoji film city...when our team (verification group) went out there I saw mithun chakraborthy


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