Sunday, December 31, 2006

[PERSONAL] Lets solve the problem.....

"Lets solve the problem" , thats what I have been saying to myself for all these days. Well I have decided never to budge and just take the things the way they come..just bought my copies to the Art of Computer Programming. For me right now there are no shortcuts, no quickies I have to take the things the hardway or the toughway more specifically.
I guess I have become a little bit more matured now, because I have to do things more responsibly now. I have a big responsibility now, I don't worry about it but I welcome it into my life, I'am ready to solve it and all the consequences...I will never run-away from the problem. But I need to be a little bit more practical also, well for any problem now there is no way out except to solve it.
And when you are solving problem's you need to be very methodological...I know its all spelling mistakes my blog...I may not be a great genius but I'll try my part to solve the problem. And when I solve the problem there will be no shortcuts.
Frankly I have been not getting great results for my Dynamic Programming based Border Length Minimization Problem. What to do I don't know I cannot really fake up any results. It's bad really bad. I leave it
Today puppy came out, she has been not liking the place where she is living but she has to for sometime, she should feel free and I'am a very lucky guy interms of that. I will always care for puppy and will solve the problem and not run away from it.
Happy new year 2007.....LETS SOLVE IT....that's the quote of this year.
Take care guys and keep having fun.....mean while I will lay back and keep thinking....

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Happy New Year.
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