Friday, December 08, 2006

[NON-TECH] Travelling to india....

I should be indeed thankful to sudha for a ride from Storrs to Stamford. When I reached Stamford it was a little difficult to find out where ravi is and finally found ravi, went to circuit city to buy some stuff, later toured manhattan,brooklyn went to a great Italian restaurant, I really liked the hot bread and that olive oil to eat the bread, I never tried any Italian food apart from the normal pizza. Its really windy today in New York with -7 Centigrade, really had a hard time pulling all my luggage into the airport.....well found a wireless connection at the food court here, IT WORKS...well I'am writing this from that connection only, I need to wait till 4:00 PM to take my flight. Its a long wait.

Good that I got some charge on my laptop so that I can do some work today, I have many things pending, mac,tim,ion and raj. I need to get all the work done in this break good if I could make a proper schedule to fix up all the things.

Lets see how things work......luv....Vamsi

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