Sunday, September 10, 2006

[TECH] Buffer insertion and signal integrity.

10-09-2006...if we add up all these its a perfect modulo of nine. Well today I started my research. Studied the classic "Buffer Insertion Algorithm" paper, its really great I the moment I read it I see the application of dynamic programming in it.
Well its a well studied problem after all this should have been done, but I'am loving it application of algorithms. The basic principles I need to stick to is honesty. I want to carry on like this feel good about it every day I sleep.....Well Its becoming a habit for me.
Delay modeling is a totally different research area, but the classic paper assumes a simple Elmore delay modeling...I guess I need to design a good algorithm which strikes a right balance on delay estimation and timing minimization.
Apart from that I wanted to see how much I can think backward. I tried to recall what I have done in my last few new years.
2006--> Partied in escape pub, hyderabad [I got a wildest dancer prize :)]
2005--> Freaked out on the roads boozing, my friend veeru with me he was annoyed a little that day :(
2004--> Well I was interning at Oracle this time, drank bacardi and made a mess, I guess I was frustrated that I was not having a grilfriend :))
2003--> Well I was with my parents in railclub. 2002--> I think I did nothing, but tasted beer for the first time...

Cheers! Vamsi

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