Tuesday, March 09, 2010

[LIFE] Keeping the PACE of productivity is very hard.

This is the first of the posts I'll start writing some thing different from Technology. Spring break started last Friday (03/05/2010). I'm back to the out-of-core assembly project. Well I had this idea of out-of-core de Bruijn graph construction for a long time and in fact we did demonstrate the efficiency in parallel context. However the main focus has been to format the bi-directed de Bruijn graph in the format required by Velvet. I started of this quest some time mid October and finally I had a complete algorithm which generates the 'Graph' file in Velvet format. I was very happy last night when I got that but soon realized that there is a lot of difference in the number of CONTIGS. Went home with full of despair that I'm totally stupid. Today I came back and started it again. Productivity is something I strive for. KARMA is something I really believe in. However it seems to me that keeping up with the PACE of productivity is something very hard, the harder you try to focus the harder it might become. I strongly feel that continuous non-stop productivity is only possible when it becomes a HABIT rather than MOTIVATION. It might start off initially as MOTIVATION, but cultivating it as a HABIT is something on the lines of KARMA YOGA. Finally a true KARMA YOGI seems to be a person for whom continuous productivity is a HABIT rather than anything else.

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