Tuesday, December 25, 2007

[TECH] Hanging simulation..

I came across a interesting problem in which the entire simulation was hanging just because of an extra non-sensitive always block , in the verilog code the statement "always dummy_reg = in;" was causing both VCS and NC-VERILOG hang. Theoretically speaking irrespective of what I do in my design the simulation should stop after 500 steps because I have a "#500 $finish" in the initial block of the module "TestHangMux", although I got around this problem by removing the "dummy_reg" totally in the multiplexer, but I still don't understand why the simulation was hanging irrespective of the "#500 $finish" statement, is it because we have multiple non-sensitive "always" statement? the LRM(Language Reference Manual) says that all the "always" blocks execute in parallel just like parallel processors in that that the statement "#500 $finish" should have executed in parallel and stop the simulation but why it hangs?

module HangMux(in,sel,out);
input [1:0]in;
input sel; output out;
reg [1:0]dummy_reg;
reg out;

always @(sel) begin
        0: out = dummy_reg[0];
        1: out = dummy_reg[1];

always dummy_reg = in;


module TestHangMux(out_net);
output out_net;
wire out_net;
reg [1:0]in_reg;
reg sel;

initial begin
 in_reg = 2'b01;
 sel = 0;
#500 $finish;

always begin
#10 sel = ~sel;

HangMux hang_me (in_reg,sel,out_net);

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