Friday, November 23, 2007

[TECH] Verilog incompatabilities between 'ncverilog' and 'vcs'

Thanksgiving vacation may be fun for some but its really not fun if your IT department is taking a break, our Synopsys License server has been down for last few days all my emails are vain no one responds. I used 'vcs' to compile all my verilog code all these days, now I'm can we solve this problem.
I want to get some synthesis metrics for the Sequence Alignment design, although Synopsys License server is down looks like the Cadence License server is up :). Thats good news but whats equivalent to 'vcs' in Cadence....'NCVERILOG' I found 'ncverilog' and try to compile all my design modules now the in-compatibility, NC-Verilog don't like to see any thing in the module description until all the port list is filled up,but vcs scans the code of the entire declaration list before checking if the port list is filled up (I guess thats the way it should be the algorithm should be very general). I like 'vcs' and not impressed by 'NC-Verilog' but unfortunately I have to live with it for few more days, by porting my verilog code...sounds crazy I have ported code on machines different processors but the way these compilers are build is really crazy....

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