Monday, September 03, 2007

[TECH] Bugzilla Internals

Got back to work today !

Was looking at the Bugzilla's perl code to extend it for some of my internal work, I found that it was a expert level perl code (Object oriented) they are using several things which I never used, It was a good learning experience.

I want extract few concepts from this code

  • How do all these websystem's avoid hard coding of HTML inside the code which generate's HTML dynamically (I know its kind of servlet and JSP/ASP situation), I found that these guys have some mechanism based on templates which avoids hard coding of the HTML inside the dynamic HTML generation code

I guess this is the key idea/concept behind all the code which generates HTML dynamically.

I was reading Sriram's "Advanced Perl Programming" I think its a great book the way he build's up the concepts, I was really impressed by a quote by him in the book
"It is indicative of inflexible procedural design if you find yourself using conditional statements to distinguish between object types"

I want to go out to get some lunch today :)

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