Sunday, September 02, 2007

[NON-TECH] The old and cold feeling comes back........

I visited India from Aug10-Aug30 all those 20 days were great most of the time I was in Hyderabad, life was great in India except that there was a lot of pollution especially in Hyderabad and also overcrowded places especially because of the booming IT industry.

Some of the things I noticed have changed in India from the time I left

  • The money spending power of people have increased a lot, I heard that the average salary for a undergrad is now around 5.0 lack/annum ($12.5k ), this was a huge increase compared to average of 2.4 lack/annum ($6k) which is more than double.
  • The cost of living has gone up from the last year, I remember that I used to eat in a hotel called Kakatiya in Ameerpet a full meal for Rs 26.00/- the same costs Rs 32.00/- now. A bottle of mineral water went up to 13.00/- from 10.00/-
  • There have been a lot of malls/multiplexes mushrooming every where in Hyderabad. I saw several existing houses being demolished and new multiplexes and malls are taking their place.
  • Looks to me that almost every thing is available in India now. I was shocked to see PSP in Music World, I guess people are now getting into games market and if its true India will be a great market for selling computer games.
  • In India cell phone has become a revolution I find that almost every one in the country has a mobile phone, thanks to Reliance which had a vision of making cell phones affordable to every one.

All these things are fine but my old feeling comes back again, I remember all those dilemma which I was having when I just landed in U.S went to riverside and came to UCONN, all those feeling are fresh in my mind. Well that COLD FEELING of missing India comes back again I don't know why but its back.....I feel sorry for myself I don't know what I'm up to in my life.....But I'm transforming my self to be better than what I used to be, and I believe that what ever is happening is just transformation for something usual Connecticut is very lonely very quiet place, I used to go for jogging in India every day around 7-8 a.m in the morning.....

Well its life and lets face it without fear!
Cheer! Vamsi.

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