Friday, June 09, 2006

Yet another memory corruption on linuxipf, new FAT POINTERS on IA-64

Well its really gruesome last two days, was haunted by this problem in which my program on IA64 gets stuck just before the exit, I drilled down to _IO_flush_all @@ glibc which is not returning. After a elegant investigation found that a memcpy into a invalid address cooked up all this it basically created a cycle in FILE *ptr->_chain which is the reason why _IO_flush_all was not returning..
Well IA-64 had been a real good thing to work with, it has a real helpful kernel maintainers especially at, Well these guys gave me a lot of insight into several things RES backing store [60000fff80000000-60000fff80004000 rw-p 0000000000000000 00:00 0] this segment maps for every process on IA64 kernel.
Well other intresting thing is about the FAT POINTERS, the IA64 ABI mandates that the call to functions should be done via FAT POINTERS. do a google search if you want more details about this....
All in all a good productive week also fixed a couple of HSIM issues..
I really love it.

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