Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[NON-TECH] Marriage is buying conditional LOVE its for loosers, unconditional LOVE is what winners get.

Well, have seen several guys getting married these days in india. I don't know some how people in india always think thats the ultimate thing. I have heard many people definition of SETTLING in life is something like "I neeed to get a high paying job, have a house a car and a beautiful wife and have children".....
I just think its bullshit if you marry you get to loose the fire in you, I just don't beleive in SETTLING in life. I just believe that "ITS JUST A JOURNEY which goes on and on and on......." , I don't think there is a destination where you think you have reached the NIRVANA and just bullshit marry and have SEX.....
I live a life for myself, I just beleive I just want to be happy without causing others any trouble (ofcourse envy and jealous are some thing I cannot help).
Any way reiterating things my aim is just to create technology for real good, not for building research papers or making a huge sum of money. Feel technology as an art and contribute without any motive. Some time I see that people tend to use my high energy levels, thats what I tell myself "Don't take it damn seriously, when can people expolit something ? if something is in abundance (high energy here) people exploit it. If I crib about people who expolit I'll loose my abundance of energy, I want more people to exploit me so that indirectly they are helping me to create a lot of abundance of energy to create things...."
Well if I keep all things aside (all but technology), people's egoes, money, holidays etc... life just ROCKS for me I love it.

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