Friday, April 29, 2005

Solace for the weekend.....

Feel's like I had found an oasis in scorching heat.....just heard from JMMA (Journal for Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms) . That they have accepted a work which I had done at the school related to polygon enclosure algorithms titled "Optimal algorithms for some polygon enclosure problems for VLSI Physical Design". No Idea in which month they will publish it but just finished off a final LaTeX version of it. I remember I submitted this around Nov-2003 and they had screened it now really loooong time right? (Ref No:100335). I almost forgot about this submission was having no hopes on this but suddently it comes back at right time helping my confidence. Really speaking after school I did'nt do much research. But I always use to tell my friends that I'am still working on that "external memory algorithms project" but could really never finish it off. May I got really complacent these days....but "Its never tooo late to get it back!!!"

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