Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Corporate victimization of enthusiasm.......

I guess you should have been hearing things like "Employee centered company" , "Employee * company". This is just to exploit the energy of the young kids in the company get the work done at a very cheap price. Ultimately bussiness is just making money yes thats true. But the way the current corporate culture is evolving these days in india especially of the outsource buzz word is really pathetic. The managers who take the initiative of settting up shops in india for corporates tend to be extremely selfish...selfish and selfish, this is not silicon valley attitude of "Win...Win" in the managers. Yes I'am currently a victim of this and I really had a feel of this selfishness, I dont know any where else but atleast in indian corporates (MNC's) this is what every one crib about...I felt really demotivated about these vices in the corporate culture of india. I feel that there is no use of doing things proactively taking up responsibilty and showing an effective commitment towards in getting things done ultimately. I have learnt a lesson that you should just do what ever is enough and nothing more. Live your life do what you think is good and what you think is right. Dont become an work addict at the corporate there are better places where you can prove your self and prove not just to the corporate to the complete world, write opensource software make opensource software run efficiently fix bugs in them do research and what not you can do any thing what ever you like.... So the bottom line is "Never count on anyone except your self!"

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