Thursday, December 18, 2008

[TECH] Launchpad and Bazaar

I have now started to move all my development efforts to launchpad and bazaar. I really found launchpad a great place to maintain and release my work. I tried several alternatives before I moved to launchpad, I tried to use but unfortunately its not as rich as launchpad and bazaar. I have released version 0.9 of libEditScript project whose aim to build a high performance and space efficient sequence alignment library. I have charted out the features for the next release, one thing I'm sure people would like to use is a JNI (Java Native Interface) so that people can use this space efficient code in their java code. I have seen that this problem of the need of edit script arises in several occasions, I have seen people using the space inefficient version O(n^2) of edit script computation. This is were we gain significantly in terms of the space saving. Also I have one more idea to make it more parallel in the sense I want to use some concurrent techniques to make this parallel, especially since I have circular queue I can easily use several threads to make this concurrent which I will add as a next step in the next release..

Checkout the libEditScript at Next in my list would be to make a release of the weightedmatching library.

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