Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[TECH] A simple algorithm to find the coefficient's of characteristic polynomial.

Its often the case that the we need coefficients of the characteristic polynomial (xA = λx) rather than just the Eigen values and Eigen vectors of the matrix A, The following simple algorithm which can determine the coefficients of the polynomial from its roots (Eigen values) would be extremely handy, its a simple dynamic programming algorithm and also illustrates how quickly we can code dynamic programming algorithms in Matlab because the matrices resize automatically.

% eigen_poly_coeff: input 'A' should be a square matrix
% The program finds the eigen values of A, and constructs
% the caracteristic polynomial 
% output is the order of coefficients in the increasing 
% degree order.
function retval = eigen_poly_coeff (A)
v = eig(A)';
B = size(v);
coeff_matrix = eye(1,(B(1,2)+1));
coeff_matrix(1,1) = v(1,1)*-1;
coeff_matrix(1,2) = 1;

for i=3:1:(B(1,2)+1)
   coeff_matrix(1,i) = 1;
   for j=(i-1):-1:1
    coeff_matrix(1,j) = (coeff_matrix(1,j)*
    if(j-1 >=1)
      coeff_matrix(1,j) = 
 retval = coeff_matrix;

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