Tuesday, October 16, 2007

[TECH] Implementing Reliability(FEARLESS) on top of FUSE

FUSE is a user space file system implementation framework, the file system implementation can run as a user process and interact with the VFS of the kernel through a named pipe /dev/fuse, FUSE comes by default with all kernels > 2.6.8

"Any data which persists on just one disk is very unreliable" , I was talking with Rohit couple of days back and he compared disk as an "Electric Bulb", and u know about the filament in the bulb it can go off any time. So what do you think of your laptop how many disk's does it have? JUST ONE.....thats extremely unreliable until and unless your system is not backed up every day. So how can we get the reliability achieved by RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) ? the answer is persist what is called an "ACTIVE DATA" on some thing like FLASH memory and we can integrate this with a backup mechanism to get good reliability for personal storage devices like laptops. FEARLESS is idea which came up with this reliability for personal storage devices, you can read paper by Dr.Chandy.

Our IDEA is now to realize FEARLESS using FUSE and rsync (for backup), so FEARLESS would be just another file system similar to SSHFS but very reliable


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