Saturday, June 09, 2007

[Perl] Don't nest your regular expressions when you use /g switch

I have been busy all these days with quite a few things, well the motive of this blog is to document some of the issues I face in my day to day work.

while($line =~ /input .*? name="(.*?)" .*? value="(.*?)"/g){
  $param_name = $1;
  $param_value = $2;
  if($param_name =~ /blah/){
    # Do some stuff
    #Do some stuff

The above code can go miserably wrong and hard to debug especially when the outer while loop has hundreds of lines of code in it, as you can see when we use '/g' switch in the matching all the matches within a string, make sure that THERE ARE NO NESTED REGULAR EXPRESSIONS WHEN USING /g switch

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