Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gives some solace.....

I have been thinking that I have reinvented the wheel, I had that guilty feeling when I did'nt use _etext , _edata , _end to figure out the begining and end of .data and .bss sections, which I rather got from the ELF sections. I had a feeling that I reinvented the wheel until I tested the code with _etext , _edata and _end they seem just SCREW....My method was and elite one I love it...I'am really happy. I love it. Now I realize how its a different feeling when you do things really right from your heart, other day after my workout (obviously with a lot of sweat, I generally jog for 33minutes cover 3 miles and burn 500 CAL) I was talking to arindam. I really liked what this guy said. He said "Workout spirit is something you need to get right from your heart just like a 100m sprinter......Theres just no showoff" WOW I liked what he said thats what I'am after in my life be it technology or art or just life.... KEWL V.

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