Sunday, May 15, 2005

Its podcasting revolution.....

Hey guys.....wondering whats new in scintillating world of gizmo's? make a guess no its not "Ipod U2" or "Ipod Shuffle" It's not a gadget but something related to them yes its Podcasting!!. Podcasting is real fun, so what excatly is this podcasting? . hmmm..... I guess most of you have already been using RSS feeds (adding them to firefox livefeed toolbar) :-? , podcasting is akin to RSS syndication, actually normal RSS feeds get you only the text content from where ever you have subscribed the feed, now just imagine a feed which will play audio when ever you select it, rather than reading the feed you are now listening to the feed, sounds great!! right? this is excatly what is podcasting. In a little geeky terms podcasting is similar to tunnelling (protocol tunnelling) where you add (embedd) 'protocol2' in the carrier 'protocol1' as a payload, so the multimedia content is being added as the payload in RSS (Really simple syndication protocol) 2.0 protocol for syndicating audio content from the publisher. So lets come to the bottomline "how can I get podcasting work". 1. Get a podcatcher I use doppler. 2. Configure podcatcher to integrate with mediaplayer or itunes, I use itunes and every live audio feed you add to the doppler makes it a playlist. 3. Sync up the playlist to your Ipod or any other MP3 player. 4. Enjoy podcasting (Podcasting is fun!) You can also setup podcasting and make your blog audioblog. So get started with the pocasting revolution.....keep checking for my upcoming podcast. Cheers! Vamsi

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